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Maintenance-Free Grass

Read about various synthetic turf types and their typical purpose.
Read about various synthetic turf types and their typical purpose.

Until recent advances in synthetic grass technology, “maintenance-free” grass was truly an oxymoron. The development, nurturing and maintenance of natural grass turf is a full-time job no matter how you slice it. Between watering, mowing, edging, pest and weed control, fertilizing, aerating, de-thatching, re-seeding and a multitude of additional tasks, keeping up a great looking natural grass area or lawn is a lot of work each and every week.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. “Maintenance-free” synthetic turf is now available for any type of project or need. Why spend thousands each year while at the same time releasing tens of thousands of gallons of water into the ground when an occasional sprinkling of synthetic turf is all that may be needed? Why spend hundreds of dollars each year on fertilizer, pest and weed control and gasoline for the maintenance of natural grass? And why spend 4 full days a year mowing, edging, aerating, de-thatching and putting down chemicals when just a few hours a year could be spent simply using a leaf blower, rake or a simple rinse to remove any leaves or debris?

The questions above are definitely worth contemplating. To have the ability to save so much time and money year after year is definitely worth a look. And to be able to enjoy a great looking, green, lush and inviting yard year-round without hardly lifting a finger…is priceless.

There are various synthetic turf types for different purposes. Below is a listing of the various synthetic turf types and their typical purpose. It will give you an idea of which turf may be the best fit for your project.

Putting Green / Driving Range Synthetic Grass

This synthetic grass is perfect for Custom Golf Putting Greens, Tee Boxes, Tee Lines and Driving Ranges. There are two completely different classifications of putting greens to meet your needs; Professional (True Putt) and Recreational.

Both of these Custom Putting Greens stay green year-round, allow for a true ball roll while putting, are longer-lasting, a lot less maintenance and don’t require any water, aeration, fertilizer or weed control…saving thousands each year.

Commercial True Putt Golf Greens features completely customizable, professional-grade synthetic putting surfaces and are built and designed for the golf enthusiast. These greens can accept chip shots from any distance and react with absolute, realistic ball control. The speed of these greens accurately represents the speed of a real green (10-15 on the stamp meter). These greens are designed to emulate a bent grass putting green. And you can choose to add a Custom Designed Sand Bunker to practice your game from the trap!

Playgrounds and Backyard Play Areas

Playgrounds, Recreation Centers, Schools, Child Care Facilities, Backyard Playgrounds, and common use areas get a lot of traffic and abuse. Playground Grass inevitably gets torn up and bare patches turn to mud. Maintenance work, water expenses, fertilizer, weed control, and labor never end, and in turn, the constant need for mowing produces unwanted noise, pollution and can interfere with play schedules.

Playground Surfaces are a fine balance between affordability and functionality. Commercial Artificial Playground Grass eliminates all of the above issues and a lot more. Artificial Playground Turf is a great solution that will pay big dividends in the long run.

This playground grass is extremely durable, non-abrasive, and has a soft, natural feel to it. It has more cushioning than natural grass, so it’s safer to play on and meets fall-impact requirements for children, thanks to the IPEMA Certified Playground System. This Child Care Playground Grass padding can cushion falls from six feet to over ten feet and meets American Society for Testing and Materials standards.

These playground systems are engineered to provide a safe and natural-looking surface for any application where safety is the top priority. They will provide you with a clean, safe, allergen and insect-free environment for children to enjoy for many years to come. And Residential Play Area Grass is an excellent choice for home applications.

Pet Grass

Pet Turf is perfect for pets and pet owners. Approximately 50% of the households in this country have one or several dogs. Pets are extremely important to their owners and in most cases are considered family. When pet owners are choosing their dog’s vacation stay they don’t want to send their beloved family member to a hot concrete jungle or a muddy, worn out strip of overused grass. They want to send their family pet to a nice environment that doesn’t look all worn down from hundreds of dogs. Pet owners want the very best conditions possible, since they may already feel guilty enough for leaving Fido behind.

Installing specially designed pet grass will give your entire facility a beautiful, fresh look, and it will make playtime and cleanup almost effortless. Your facility will stay beautiful and green all year-round, and no more worrying about brown spots from urine or filling holes dug by your tenants. Pet grass provides optimal drainage at a rate of up to 30 inches per hour/sq. ft. Best of all, K9 Artificial Pet Turf provides a comfortable play surface every canine can appreciate.

Home applications are also appropriate for this turf. Giving your pet a much more durable and clean surface on which to run and play can eliminate injuries, keep paws from becoming muddy, eliminate digging, and allow for easy cleanup of elimination events. It also keeps pets from digging holes and digging under the fence to escape.

Commercial Landscapes

It’s important to maintain a strong curb appeal while navigating the unique requirements of managing a business, city, multifamily or community property. Synthetic Commercial Landscape Grass can dramatically reduce overall water consumption and lower your grounds maintenance costs. With this grass, you will be improving curb appeal as well as property marketability. These enhancements can be as simple as a putting green at a retirement center or a pet run at an apartment complex. Artificial Landscape Grass brings color and cleanliness to all applications.

From office complexes, apartments, student housing and HOAs, to cities and school districts, more businesses and government agencies are turning toward Synthetic Landscape Grass for a plethora of reasons. But, the main reasons are cost savings, environmental conservation, and appearance.

Athletic and Recreation Fields

Athletic and Recreation Field Artificial Grass is the ideal solution for many different applications, including high school, professional, municipal and intramural fields. No matter the use or sport, Athletic and Recreation Synthetic Grass is specialized for sports and recreation and can be a great alternative to traditional grass. Athletic and recreation field grass options are created to maximize performance, stability, and safety.

Rooftop and Decks

Roof Decks, Balconies & Patios make wonderful additions to homes, condos, townhomes, and apartments. They become even nicer when they feature a surface which is functional, attractive, durable, creates a relaxing mood and ambiance and makes a guest feel right at home. Rooftop Grass, Balcony and Patio Turf make all the difference in creating a comfortable and enjoyable living and entertaining space.

If time and money are important aspects to consider when it comes to grass maintenance, then taking a serious look at synthetic grass would make sense. It has a lot of upsides and very few downsides. Artificial grass is easy on the eyes, requires very little to no water, no chemicals, no mowing or edging, no aerating and doesn’t create muddy foot or paw prints. It’s a win-win all around.