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How To Properly Maintain An Artificial Grass Putting Green

Properly maintain your artificial grass putting green
Properly maintain your artificial grass putting green

An artificial grass putting green can bring many hours of enjoyment.  Whether in a backyard, community, or commercial setting, the benefits of an artificial turf putting green are numerous.  Properly maintaining a synthetic turf putting green only requires a small amount of regular care to keep the green looking great, ensure its longevity, create optimal playing conditions, and enable it to perform up to expectations.

Even though Astro Turf putting greens have been around for quite some time and are easy to take care of and maintain, the tips below will ensure that your modern putting green stays as nice and playable just like the day it was installed.

  1. Brushing (Regularly): Consistently utilizing a medium to stiff brush or broom, a specialized grooming tool, or a power brush to comb the turf fibers against the grain will help prevent matting and compaction, redistribute the infill material, and keep the grass fibers pointed upright, thus ensuring a smooth and consistent putting surface for an even ball roll.
  2. Cleaning: The removal of leaves, twigs, dirt, and rock debris from the artificial grass surface regularly will help cut down on unwanted buildup and keep the putting surface in pristine condition for putting.  A leaf blower comes in handy in this process, along with gently spraying the turf with water to remove any fine particles or dirt.  Be careful not to use any harsh detergents or chemicals as they could damage the synthetic grass fibers.
  3. Spot Cleaning: If any stains appear on the turf, treating them promptly will keep the stain from setting into the turf fibers permanently.  Using a mild detergent solution and a soft to medium bristled brush to gently scrub the affected area, while subsequently rinsing the area thoroughly with water, will typically resolve the issue.
  4. Infill Management: Some artificial turf requires infill material such as rubber pellets or sand to provide stability and turf fiber support.  Checking the infill levels from time to time will allow for any top-up necessary to maintain proper cushioning and correct ball roll.
  5. Weed Control: Occasionally checking around the perimeter of the putting green surface for any signs of weed growth will help maintain the synthetic turf for many seasons.  The prompt removal of any weeds manually or with weed killer formulated for artificial grass will keep them from spreading even more.
  6. Proper Drainage: Ensuring that the putting green has proper drainage to keep water from pooling on the surface goes a long way in keeping the green from sustaining long-term damage.  Some artificial turf systems are constructed with built-in drainage systems to prevent any water buildup.  Periodically checking and adjusting the base materials beneath the turf can also help if the issue of drainage continues.
  7. Repair any Damage Quickly: If any tears, rips, snags, or other damage is noticed, repairing it promptly will prevent further deterioration or damage.  There are repair kits available for turf patching or sewing, but it’s always advisable to let the pros take a look and rely on their expertise to repair any turf damage.
  8. Heavy Objects: Avoiding the placement of heavy objects on the putting green surface for extended periods will help keep the turf from experiencing any indentation, tearing, or degradation caused by the weight and stationary position of the object.
  9. UV Protection: Since many synthetic turf putting greens are exposed to direct sunshine, applying a UV protectant spray may help prevent fading and the degradation of turf fibers over time.
  10. Professional Inspection and Maintenance: The scheduling of periodic but regular professional turf inspections by a qualified turf installation company can identify any signs of wear and tear early on so any issues can be addressed before they become potentially significant.  The maintenance of an artificial putting green by a professional turf service company can provide more thorough cleaning, grooming, and regular maintenance if the putting green receives heavy use or if one doesn’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves.

A well-designed and constructed artificial grass putting green is a joy to have in a backyard, community setting, or commercial area for use regularly to improve one’s golf game or just have fun.  By implementing the putting turf maintenance tips above, the synthetic golf green should be enjoyed for many years and allow for continued practice and fun.