Specialty Decking Accents

Specialty decking accents

what we do

customize your pool decking

Artificial turf strips, when added to pool decking, transforms an ordinary pool into a custom, high-end masterpiece.

enhance your pool

Specialty Decking Strips are an instant upgrade to your outdoor oasis. They can turn just about any standard backyard or pool into a resort-style atmosphere. This custom look will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

take it up a notch

Decking Strips also feature a surface which is functional, attractive and durable, creating a relaxing ambiance. This luxury look will make any homeowner or guest feel right at home.

high-end design

These Decking Strips are an affordable option for those who are looking for that high-end, custom look. They’re also a creative way to bring a splash-of-color into your pool decking. 

WinterGreen Synthetic Grass is a premier group of Synthetic Grass varieties, perfectly formulated for residential turf uses.