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Turf Fresh

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Turf Fresh

Product Description

TurFresh artificial turf cleaning and care product Development Company is dedicated to exploring ways Enzymes and Natural earth minerals can benefit people and our environment. With our easy to use Bio-Siphon sprayer, this combination is our most popular with customers that order from us all the time. This is enough TurFresh product to treat over 8000 square feet of odor filled artificial grass.


TurFresh with BioS+ turf cleaning enzyme technology is the synthetic turf industry leader in odor treatment and odor prevention caused by pet urine and feces. The combo package comes with a very easy to use Bio-Siphon sprayer that you simply connect to your hose and it does the work for you. TurFresh cleaning system is used for outside turf applications and it smells amazing. If you wish to use this product indoors please use a hudson sprayer applying with a fine mist. Do not saturate indoor turf unless there is proper drainage. No other turf cleaning products delivers the great smell along with the intense level of enzyme concentration to aggressively remove the nasty smell of urine. TurFresh formulated and manufacture our own product.

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