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our story

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Established In 2014

Based in DFW

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With a combined work experience of more than ten years in service industries, Winter and Ashley Moore decided to follow their entrepreneurial instincts by launching WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass

We are not a franchise

We pick from a wide array of manufactures based our customer’s needs. We are not subject to one company’s product, which gives us the flexibility to help our customers pick the best product, while maintaining competitive pricing.

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Owners Winter and Ashley Moore are entrepreneurs at heart and decided to follow their instincts by launching WinterGreen Synthetic Grass in 2014

Who We Are

Owners Winter & Ashley Moore are entrepreneurs at heart & decided to follow their instincts by launching WinterGreen Synthetic Grass in 2014

Providing only the highest quality artificial grass products with top-notch installation & customer service.

WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass is a Fort Worth-based and family-owned Artificial Grass business. We are not a franchise. This allows us freedom and flexibility in the turf we utilize for each project, and we always use the best and most appropriate product for each application.

We also specialize in and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible. Much of our business comes from word-of-mouth advertising, so treating each of our customers like they are family is not only the right thing to do, but it is good for our business as well.

Nearly a decade ago, owners Winter and Ashley Moore discovered they both possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and thought they would enjoy working together each day. So, they decided to follow their instincts and launched WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass in 2014. Since that time, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and we have assisted thousands of happy commercial and residential customers with their synthetic turf projects.

Transforming Lawns and Lives

WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass is helping both homeowners and businesses make their properties look the best they can while saving time, money, and precious natural resources. The sheer number of benefits Synthetic Turf brings to the equation dwarfs the benefits of natural grass. The many unique advantages of synthetic turf are listed in the section below.

Natural grass also has a few advantages such as feeling cooler on very hot days and the fresh grass smell when it is cut. And a professionally maintained yard can look almost perfect at times, but a lot of work, water, amendments, fertilizer, and weed and pest control are required to maintain that perfect look.

Artificial Grass Selection Makes All the Difference

Carrying the widest selection of Artificial Turf products available on the market today, WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass is your one-stop shop for artificial grass.  We also supply all the necessary tools and turf accessories needed to seamlessly enhance any outdoor landscape.  Our large selection of synthetic turf ensures that we have a solution for any landscape project.

Synthetic Grass Advantages 

There are many things to consider when deciding whether artificial or natural grass is the appropriate solution for your project, but it essentially boils down to how much time, energy, and $$ money one is willing to put into the long-term maintenance of the area and how often the area is used.  Synthetic grass provides a green space year-round; it is an environmentally friendly solution, it saves a lot of money long term and it provides a mess-free environment for family, friends, and customers.  If a turf is desired that is at home both in the shade and sun, doesn’t require mowing, constant watering, or messy chemicals, and doesn’t get muddy when it rains or when the sprinkler system comes on, then artificial grass may be the way to go.

  1. Looks Great

If a year-round, perfect-looking, forever green, and manicured grassy area is desired, then artificial grass can be the perfect solution.  Synthetic grass requires very little long-term time, energy, maintenance, and cost compared to natural grass, and months of waiting for brown, dormant grass to grow again and green up will be nothing but a distant memory.  Most homeowners and businesses want that perfect-looking lawn, but with natural grass, it takes a lot of work to achieve this goal.  Synthetic grass can solve this problem and free up a bunch of time that would have otherwise been spent trying to achieve perfection.

  1. Very Low Maintenance

Natural grass yards can look beautiful much of the year when enough time, energy, water, sprinkler care, fertilizer, weed control, pest control, edging, mowing, and re-seeding or sodding are provided.  Synthetic grass lawns look beautiful at all times with hardly any effort (the occasional rinsing and leaf/debris removal) and none of the above requirements that properly maintained natural lawns demand.  Artificial grass lawns can typically be made to look new again with a leaf blower and a hose if pets utilize the area.  Imagine how peaceful life could be when all of the efforts that go into properly maintaining a natural grass yard aren’t needed and evenings and weekends can be spent with family, friends, and favorite pastimes and not doing yard work.  And with WinterGreenTM Synthetic Grass maintenance plans now available, choosing a synthetic grass yard has become even easier.

  1. Saves Water, Money, and the Environment

Natural grass takes a lot of water to maintain properly.  When it doesn’t rain for a while, water bills can skyrocket when tens of thousands of additional gallons of water are needed per month to quench a yard’s thirst.  Depending on the cost of water, this can add up to an extra $100 to $200/month depending on the yard size.  Adequately watering just a quarter of an acre of natural grass for one year can cost over $2,000.  If that number is multiplied by the years owning a home, it can add up to quite the sum for watering alone, not to mention the cost of installing a sprinkler system, the maintenance of the watering system, wasted water, and all the yard maintenance tools necessary to maintain a natural grass yard.  This doesn’t even include gasoline, weed and pest control, fertilizer, or grass seed/sod to repair the yard.  These expenses can add up to several thousand more $$’s per year, especially if the work is contracted out.

  1. A Time Saver

Maintaining natural grass for 8 months each year during the normal growing season can mean spending 3-4 hours each week for a total of more than 100 hours each year.  This is valuable time that can’t be replaced.  Each year a natural grass lawn is properly maintained, more than 4 full days is spent on the endeavor.  This is time that could be spent doing other things and enjoying other interests.

  1. Reduces Allergies

Grasses contribute to many airborne allergens.  And with over 15% of the population allergic to grass, as well as many pets, artificial grass can greatly help those who suffer from grass allergies.  Since it is hypoallergenic, the installation of synthetic grass can allow those allergy sufferers to get out and enjoy their yard.  Natural grasses such as Bermuda, Kentucky Bluegrass, Timothy, and Orchard grasses are big pollen producers and when they are mowed, even more pollen is released into the yard and air.  Artificial grass also eliminates mold and mildew in grasses that may not drain well.

  1. Pet Proof

Natural grass yards make a great place for pets to dig play holes or trenches for escaping backyards.  Pet urine also tends to burn and kill natural grass.  With a natural grass yard, worn areas can quickly turn into a muddy mess.  With synthetic grass, none of the above occurs and pets can lay down on and roll around on artificial grass to their heart’s content without getting dirt and debris all over their fur.  Also, artificial turf doesn’t attract predatory insects that can harm people and pets.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

When grass is mowed, many homeowners and businesses will gather up and send grass clippings to the landfill, which adds to an already stressed waste disposal industry.  The need to add water, fertilizer, weed and pest control chemicals, and anti-fungal preparations add even more stress to the environment.  Add in gas and noise pollution from mowers, edgers, and blowers and it is easy to see how artificial grass can be an environmentally friendly solution to the age-old problem of having to maintain lawns at the expense of our environment.

  1. No Messy Feet or Paws

When it rains or the sprinkler system does its thing, feet, and paws can get muddy.  No matter how nice a natural lawn is, too much moisture can turn it into a slip and slide and messes can occur when people and animals venture back inside.  Toweling off pet paws can help and removing shoes as well, but it can be such a relief to let pets in and out without having to worry about cleaning their paws every time they enter the house again.  Businesses can help themselves as well with fewer cleaning costs if they install artificial grass.

  1. Toxin Free

Our synthetic turf contains no toxins, and without the need for chemicals such as fertilizers, pest and weed controls, and fungicides which are typically necessary to maintain natural grass lawns, our artificial grass can be healthier to walk and play on than natural grass.

  1. It “Grows” Anywhere

Whether it’s too much shade, too wet, too dry, poor soil conditions, or too much foot traffic, natural grass can’t grow everywhere.  Natural grass has frustrated homeowners and businesses alike for decades, but now there is a solution for all these issues.  Artificial grass doesn’t care how much shade there is, how wet or dry it is, or how much foot traffic takes place.  It “grows” anywhere and everywhere no matter what the conditions.  And it especially “likes” shaded areas where most natural grass just won’t grow.

Synthetic Turf Uses

Artificial turf can be installed anywhere a grass look is desired.  From sunny to shady areas, high to low places, and everywhere in between.  Homeowners love the look of green grass year-round without having to mow, water, or fertilize.  Fighting weeds, fungus, insects, drought, mud and lack of sun will be distant memories when natural turf is replaced by synthetic grass.  And places like high-rise balconies and rooftops, which would be hard-pressed to grow natural grass, can look like a manicured natural lawn.  Some synthetic turf uses for both residential and commercial properties are listed below: 


  • Backyards
  • Front Yards
  • Side Yards
  • Courtyards
  • Landscaping
  • Pool Decks/Surrounds
  • Play Areas
  • Putting Greens
  • Walkways
  • Between Pavers
  • Pet Areas
  • Dog Runs
  • Backyard Sports Fields
  • Entertainment Areas
  • Patios
  • Rooftops
  • Balconies
  • Decks
  • Hillsides
  • Driveway strips


  • Sports Fields (indoor and outdoor)
  • Playgrounds
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Golf/Putting Greens
  • Tee Boxes/Tee Lines/ Driving Ranges
  • Mini-Golf Courses
  • Dog Parks
  • Kennels
  • Doggy Daycare Facilities
  • Veterinarians/Animal Hospitals
  • Business Landscaping
  • Storefronts
  • Commercial Areas
  • Indoor/Outdoor Communal Spaces
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Parking Areas
  • Common Areas
  • Swimming Pools
  • Gyms
  • Event Areas
  • Rooftops
  • Patios

Featuring artificial grass for any application, WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass specializes in the most aesthetic and durable artificial grass on the market today.  With grasses to match any project, we work with each client to make sure the right grass is chosen for the right project.  We have many options to choose from, especially for backyards, front yards, and landscaping projects.  We even feature specialty synthetic grass Decking Strips that make for an instant upgrade to your outdoor oasis.  They are grass strips that go between pavers and can turn any backyard or pool area into a resort-style atmosphere.  This custom landscaping artificial grass is sure to leave a lasting impression.  Backyard Artificial Grass or turf for the backyard provides a surface and texture that is functional, attractive, and durable while creating a relaxing ambiance.  They are also a creative and affordable option for those who are looking for a high-end, custom look for their yard or business.  In addition, they provide a creative way to bring a splash of color onto pool decking or walkways.

Putting Greens are some of the most sought-after applications for artificial grass.  The grass WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass utilizes for putting greens, tee boxes, tee lines, and driving ranges is the perfect match for each project.  We provide two uniquely different classifications of putting greens to meet your needs:  Professional (True Putt) and Recreational.  WinterGreen™’s commercial True Putt golf greens feature an entirely customizable and professional-grade synthetic turf putting surface.  They are designed and built for the true golf enthusiast.  These greens can receive chip shots from any distance and react with absolute, realistic ball control.  And the speed of our commercial True Putt golf greens accurately represents the speed of a real green (10-15 on the stimpmeter).  These greens are designed to emulate a bent grass putting green and custom-designed sand bunkers can be added to complete the design.  Both of our custom putting greens (True Putt and Recreational), stay green year-round, allow for true ball roll, last longer than natural grass and require a lot less maintenance and no water, aeration, fertilizer, or weed control…saving thousands of dollars each year.

WinterGreen™’s Pet Turf is perfect for pets, pet owners, and pet businesses.  Approximately 50% of all U.S. households own one or several dogs.   Pets are extremely important to their owners and are typically considered family, so it is extra nice when a pet area can be used frequently and not get torn up or become muddy.  Giving your pet a much more durable and cleaner surface upon which to run and play can help eliminate injuries, keep paws from getting muddy, eliminate digging holes or trenches under fences, and allows for an easier cleanup of elimination events.  Artificial grass for dogs is also great for kennels, dog parks, veterinary offices, and doggie vacation stays since pet parents don’t typically want a member of their family to have to live for days or weeks in a concrete jungle or exercise on a worn out and dirty/muddy dog run.  Pet parents want their pets to be in an environment that looks green all the time, is kept in great condition, and doesn’t leave their pets filthy from their stay.  This is why homeowners, doggie daycares, kennels, and veterinary offices are adding dog turf, or fake grass for dogs, at such an accelerated pace.

Our synthetic Playground Turf is very durable, non-abrasive, and has a soft, natural feel that has more cushioning than natural grass.  This makes the surface safer for play and meets fall-impact requirements for children with the IPEMA Certified Playground System.  This playground grass can cushion falls from six feet to over ten feet and meets American Society for Testing and Materials standards.  Playgrounds, schools, child care facilities, recreation centers, and family backyards all rely on WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass to provide synthetic turf that eliminates the abuse that natural grass receives from so much traffic.  No more muddy shoes, dug-up areas, water expenses, fertilizer, weed and pest control, or mowing which can interfere with play schedules

The Athletic and Recreation Artificial Field Grass WinterGreen™ features may be the perfect fitness turf for many sports and recreation areas and can be a great alternative to traditional grass.  Many artificial grass options are available, including gym turf, that maximizes performance, stability, safety, and durability. 

Artificial Grass Installation

Each synthetic grass project is unique and will take a different length of time to complete the installation process, however, a typical residential install will average 1-3 days from start to finish. Factors that influence installation times can include yard size, accessibility, and drainage issues. Commercial projects may take days or weeks depending upon the size and complexity of the installation.
Unfortunately, many synthetic grass projects are installed without much regard for area usage with the assumption that all synthetic turf is the same or there are limited varieties. However, nowadays, there are low-activity, moderate-activity, and high-traffic grasses that are available to match each activity level. In a low-traffic area, the most important thing may be the aesthetic look or appearance of the product. If this is the case, then a softer, lower-density grass can be used, whereas it would be a bad choice for a high-traffic area that would require a stronger, higher-density product.

The artificial grass installation process begins with the removal of the existing aggregate and the installation of WinterGreen™’s unique and proven base system. This is followed by laying the artificial turf and the subsequent addition of infill. The final brush-up stage finishes each project. We offer a one-year installation warranty and our grasses carry an industry-wide 15-year warranty.

At WinterGreen Grass, we offer the most attractive, functional, and durable synthetic grass options for both residential and commercial projects. We work with each client to strategize the best possible grass for each respective project. Then we professionally prepare the site and install the synthetic turf to exacting specifications so the installation is successful and the project lasts a long time.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial grass requires very minimal weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance.  Cleaning frequency can be dependent upon how and how often the turf is used.  A pet-free, low-traffic artificial turf area may only accumulate leaves and dust and only require a leaf blower or hosing off to remove debris, whereas if a turfed area is used by pets, solid waste pickup and urine rinsing will be desired on a regular basis.  For an even more worry-free artificial grass experience, a maintenance agreement can be purchased from WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass and we will be glad to maintain your turf regularly so it always looks its best.

Monthly (No Pets):

  • Use a leaf blower to remove any leaves, dust, or debris
  • Typically not an issue, but pick any rogue weeds that could pop up
  • Rinse any bird droppings or dirt off with a hose or an existing sprinkler system

Monthly to Weekly (With Pets):

  • Utilize a leaf blower to remove leaves or debris
  • Pick any weeds that pop up
  • Rinse any bird droppings, dirt, or pet urine off with a hose (weekly to monthly)
  • Pick up solid pet waste (weekly)

Yearly (With or Without Pets):

  • For best results, a yearly WinterGreen™ maintenance package can be purchased
  • Grooming the turf periodically can extend the life of the turf
  • A list of questions to ask WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass for even better turf maintenance


We would enjoy assisting you with your artificial grass project.  We have a decade of experience installing all types of synthetic turf for a myriad of projects and we can do a great job on any type of turf installation.  Please give us a call at (817) 386-7261 and let us help you design and build a new turf project to begin saving time, money, and effort versus maintaining a natural grass space.

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