Ridglea 2 Tone Putt Artificial Grass – Synthetic Grass, Imitation Grass

Ridglea 2 Tone Putt Artificial Grass

Create the putting green of your dreams in your own backyard, business park or commercial setting with WinterGreen™ Ridglea 2-Tone Putt Synthetic Grass.  Ridglea 2-Tone Putt showcases a perfect dual field and lime green grass blade color tone in a textured polyethylene. This putting grass’ 56 ounce face weight and ½ inch pile height make this an ideal choice for residential and commercial properties.  Ridglea 2-Tone Putt Artificial Grass is completely customizable, and heat and frost resistant.

Ridglea 2-Tone Putt Artificial Turf also contains U.V. stabilizers installed during the manufacturing process.  No matter how much sun it receives, your putting green will never fade!   Covered by our 15-year manufacturer guarantee, Ridglea 2-Tone Putt is an ideal option that easily merges with your natural surroundings.   Let your honed in short game stand out and Choose Ridglea 2-Tone Putt for your next custom putting green!

At WinterGreen™ Grass, we feature 10 Artificial Grass Types for any turf need, including Commercial and Residential Artificial Grass projects.

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