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Playgrounds & Child Care Facilities

Safety, Less Maintenance and More Play Time 

Playgrounds, Recreation Centers, Schools, Child Care Facilities and common use areas get a lot of use and abuse.  Grass inevitably gets torn up and bare patches turn to mud. Maintenance work, water expenses, fertilizer, weed control and labor never end, and in turn the constant need for mowing produces unwanted noise, pollution and can interfere with play schedules.   Playground Surfaces are a fine balance between affordability and functionality.   WinterGreen™ Artificial Playground Turf is a good solution.

Commercial Artificial Playground Grass eliminates all of the above issues and a lot more.  WinterGreen™ Artificial Grass is extremely durable, non-abrasive, and has a soft, natural feel to it.  It has more cushioning than natural grass, so it’s safer to play on and meets fall-impact requirements for children, thanks to our playground padding. Our Child Care Playground Grass padding can cushion falls from six feet to over ten feet and meets American Society for Testing and Materials standards.

WinterGreen™ Synthetic Grass playground systems are engineered to provide a safe and natural looking surface for any application where safety is the top priority.  Our commercial playground system will provide you with a clean, safe, allergen and insect-free environment for children to enjoy in the years to come.   And our Residential Play Area Grass is an excellent choice for home applications.

WinterGreen™ Grass also specializes in additional commercial applications such as Golf & Putting Greens, Dog Runs & Parks, Commercial Landscapes and Athletic & Recreational Fields.

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