Artificial Grass for Dog Runs, Dog Parks, Dog Kennels, K9 Parks and as Pet Turf

Dog Runs, Parks & Kennels

Grass for Pets without the hassle! 

WinterGreen™ Pet Turf is perfect for pets and pet owners.  Approximately 50% of the households in this country have a dog, or several dogs.  Pets are extremely important to their owners and in most cases are considered family.  When pet owners are choosing their dog’s “vacation” stay they don’t want to send their beloved family member to a hot concrete jungle or a muddy, worn out strip of overused grass.   They want to send their pooch to a nice environment that doesn’t look all worn down from thousands of dogs.   Pet owners want the very best conditions possible, since they likely feel guilty enough already for leaving Fido behind.

Installing WinterGreen™ Artificial Grass for dogs can give your entire facility a beautiful fresh look, and it can make playtime and cleanup almost effortless.  Best of all,  K9 Artificial Pet Turf provides a comfortable play surface every canine can appreciate.

Pets love WinterGreen™ Artificial Grass because it looks and feels just like the real thing.  Kennel owners love WinterGreen Synthetic Grass for dogs because it is easy to clean and looks great even though it’s in constant use. Our Pet Turf infill provides a surface that is not only play friendly but provides odor inhibitors to keep any offensive smells out. Spilled water bowls or urine drain right through the surface and it is easy to pick up or hose off any waste. Our artificial grass is also low maintenance, and saves you time and money.

Installing our Pet Turf is a smart investment inside your kennel and outdoors in common play areas. With no muddy paws to worry about, dogs can play freely 365 days a year.

WinterGreen™ Grass also specializes in additional commercial applications such as Golf & Putting Greens, Playgrounds, Commercial Landscapes and Athletic & Recreational Fields.

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