Commercial Artificial Grass – Synthetic Grass for Golf Greens, Putting Greens, Landscaping, Playgrounds, Pet facilities and Athletic Fields

Commercial Artificial Grass, Turf

WinterGreen™ Commercial Artificial Turf is setting the standard for Golf & Putting Greens, Driving Ranges, Commercial Landscapes, Event Spaces, Athletic & Recreational Fields,  Apartments, Condos, Student Housing, Dog Runs & Parks, Kennels, Pet Facilities, Traffic Medians and numerous additional commercial venues throughout Texas and the Southwest.

At WinterGreen™ Grass, we understand the responsibilities commercial property owners have with providing a safe, clean, easy to manage and appealing environment on property.

Golf, Athletic and Recreational Facilities desire an easy to maintain, durable and functional artificial grass surface for Golf Greens, Athletic Field Turf and Recreational Turf so golfers, athletes and sports enthusiasts are able to maximize their time on the playing surface.

Childcare Facilities, Schools and City Parks want a soft, padded, well draining, long lasting and washable synthetic turf material for their Playgrounds.

Corporation and Business Office campuses are looking for an attractive, maintenance free, colorfast and relaxing environment for their workers.  Curb appeal also helps their bottom line.

Apartments, Condos and Student Housing property managers prefer easily managed pet areas, as well as appealing Landscape Grass for common areas so residents can relax and enjoy themselves without encountering mud, insects and sprinkler systems.

Pet Facilities, Kennels, Dog Runs and Dog Parks need a synthetic Pet Turf that will survive use by thousands of dogs and pets.  They need an Artificial Pet Grass that is durable, cleanable, drains well and is tear resistant and comfortable for pets.

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