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Curb Appeal – First Impressions are Everything

Lawn and Landscape curb appeal is high on the list of priorities for homeowners.  A great looking yard and Landscaping is the goal of every homeowner who toils each year in their yard.  WinterGreen™ Artificial Lawn Grass can be the answer to this year long struggle. 

You’ve seen it.  You might drive by it every day or week.   It’s the envy of any homeowner.  It’s the home with the impeccable lawn and landscaping.  The house that beckons heads to turn, eyes to open wide and jaws to drop.  If you have always wondered what it would be like to have one of those lawns and landscapes for your very own…we can help.

WinterGreen™ Artificial Landscaping Grass looks perfect; acts perfect and projects a perfect image when utilized for residential lawn grass and throughout landscaping features.  This isn’t the fake grass of decades gone by.  In fact, we feature 10 varieties of Synthetic Grass Types, all with different characteristics, to fit any project requirements.

Yes, you can have that perfect lawn and immaculate landscaping just like the home down the road.  And you can have that perfect lawn without all the hassle of watering, fertilizing, weeding, aerating or insect spraying.  WinterGreen™ Synthetic Landscaping Grass would be glad to assist you with any residential grass and landscaping project to save you time and money as the years go by.

WinterGreen™ Grass also specializes in additional residential applications such as Putting Greens, Play Areas, Pet Areas and Roof Decks, Balconies & Patios.

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